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This is a fantastic opportunity to own the penultimate LIMITED 5th installment of our Middle Earth inspired hilts but this time come along with us on the Journey from concept to completion over a series of live streams where you can witness this awesome concept come to life.


We have many requests for Live Streaming our Master Builds and more complex work this is a way we can finally fulfill that request!


DCSabers will be offering a full behind the scenes live stream set up where you can see some of our biggest builds come together as I make them, you can see an episodic break down on demand and have full access to my creative process in its entirety, we have reached out to some of our clients who would love to have their builds made on stream.


For my own passion Project - DCSabers The Black Riders there will be two versions available a limited 7 saber Original release and a one off all Brass edition, each with many in universe references and lore exploring the lesser known fallen kings and ultimately the 8 Nazgul that are bound by the ring of power.


Original -


DCSabers The Black Riders Limited Custom Lightsaber,

Motorised Reveal section,

Proffie v 3.9,

Split Section hilt,

Decorative Brass Internal chassis with Removeable battery and kill switch,

Custom LOTR themed font set up.

Hand crafted interactive custom Display case


One Off -


Full brass constructed DCSabers The Black Riders One Off Custom Lightsaber,

Advanced Motorised Reveal section,

Proffie v 3.9,

Split section hilt,

Advanced Internal decorative Brass chassis with Removeable Battery and Kill Switch,

Custom LOTR themed font set up.

Hand crafted interactive custom Display case


Please Note : These sabers will be made at the same time over a series of many weeks and live streamed throughout the process, by ordering this design you are agreeing to this and you fully understand that they will not be ready in the usual time frame as stipulated in our terms.

DCSabers The Black Riders

PrecioDesde 900,00£
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