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DCSabers Forgotten Special Edition.


Found heavily damaged in the ruins of a Sith temple on Morriban at the site of an ancient battle between the light and the dark.. This saber was defended its master until their dying breath.. Unstable and unknown.. The saber lay for a millenia.. Forgotten.


Each saber has a one off damaged crystal reveal that is unique to your individual saber!


Weighing in at approx 500g (1.1lbs) and at length of 29cm and 3.3cm in diameter this saber is SOLID in the hands.


This saber comes installed with NeoPixel internals with the excellent


Custom Forgotten

Proffie v2.2

New custom Crystal Reveal!

RGB colour changing

Custom sound fonts

ShtokCustomWerx Neo Connector.

KR Sabers Premium 28mm Bass Speaker.

3D Printed internal chassis with Removeable battery capability.


This saber DOES NOT come with a NeoPixel Blade or Batteries.

DCSabers Forgotten Special Edition.

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