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Full Price £1500 please see the bottom of this description for pricing information.


Welcome to the first of our 40k Inspired sabers shipping in July 24.


The DCSabers Champion Of The Imperium


"Such a weapon.. Seemingly forged by the Emporer himself to purge the heretic and the scurge.. The Xenos will fall in tatters.. and the Heretics shall quake in its presence.."


Drawing from the infinite inspirations of Grimdark Fantasy, the DCSabers Champion Of The Imperium intends to meld two heavy hitting Sci fi genres to create a devastating weapon wielded by the chosen.


Because of the personal nature of 40k we are offering you to choose from the top 5 chapters of Adeptus Astartes for your colour scheme, making each version truly unique.


This build consists of a -


Constructed fromAluminium and Brass.

Center split hilt revealing a static 3D printed internal chassis.

Led Filiments

Accent LEDs

Custom Crystal Reveal

Proffie 3.9 with custom thematic font selection.

Custom Display Case


To commit to this project we require a 50% non refundable deposit and the balance on completion.


Please be aware, deposits are NON REFUNDABLE, please be absolutely certain you'd like to join me on this project before ordering.


This project does not come supplied with blades, batteries or chargers.

DCSabers Champion Of The Imperium

PrecioDesde 750,00£

    From the 19th of February 2024 unless stated as specifically RTS, sabers ordered through our website will now only require a 50% deposit to secure with a 50% balance payment taken at the time of the sabers completion to complete your order.


    From the 19th of February 2024 ALL sabers will have a lead time of up to 6 MONTHS your saber may arrive much sooner but it is essential that before you order you understand that due to how in demand our art is, this is the official lead time.

    Everything at DCSabers is made by hand and from scratch on manual machines by only one person and as such we take the upmost pride and care in each piece to create a special saber just for you, DCSabers will not release a saber unless it is PERFECT for you and as such please understand before you choose to order with us that unless sabers state that they are ready to ship (RTS) it can take longer than the delivery aim mentioned above.

    This is our best estimation of when your saber will ship however we are not in any way responsible for time frames or missed events such as birthdays, conventions, though we really do try our best to accommodate customers so if there is a special date let us know before purchase and we will try our best, but due to demand and the time it takes to create these pieces unfortunately this is in no way guaranteed due to the nature of how these are made and the couriers used.

    We can no longer offer bespoke updates on any individual saber in production, if you would like to see what we are doing we have a regular live stream and a great Discord Community

    RTS (Ready To Ship) Sabers

    Any Saber that is advertised as RTS has been created already and will require full payment, after final quality checks have been made they are aimed to be dispatched in 2-5 business days from the date of purchase. 


    An increasingly more common practice to circumvent businesses policies and practices is to file a fraudulent charge back with card providers and due to this we have now had to implement the use of contracts to support our business, these will be sent to each client within the initial advertised 24 hour cooling off period and are directly digitally attached to the initial payment deposit made.

    You are entitled to cancel your order within 24 hours penalty free.
    Following the 24 hour period a 10% fee will be deducted from the total of the order, this is due to parts being ordered and time spent on your specific order.

    If a cancellation is requested after 15 days since the date of order a 25% fee will be deducted from the total before the refund is actioned as work would have started on your specific piece.

    These contracts are fair and simple in nature, they outline what you can expect from the business, time frames, cancellations and returns, and how the business conduct itself for you so everything is official and written down and signed by both parties.

    You will be required to be signed before any work to commence, the contract has been written specifically by our legal representative and cannot be changed under any circumstance

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